Kelsey Scrumpy Hard Cider


Kelsey "Scrumpy" Hard Cider

There ain’t nothing harder than our Scrumpy Cider! Made in the traditional English style, this cider is like a light Brut Champagne with a crisp apple finish. Fermented almost completely dry with very little residual sugar, this hard cider quickly became a staple of Kelsey Winery shortly after its inception several years ago. Best served chilled on a sunny afternoon, but will gladly accompany any meal or small bite with the refreshing, lingering taste of tart, ripe apple.


Now in 750 ML!



Technical Data

Vineyard: Avila, California

Appellation: County of San Luis Obispo

Varietal: Apple

Titratable Acidity: 0.825

pH: 3.42

Residual Sugar: 0.4 %

Alcohol: 11.0 %

Case Production: 635 cases

Kelsey Scrumpy Hard Cider